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Galxe ID & SDK – Galxe Docs

Galxe ID & SDK

You will be able to link one EVM wallet, and one Solana wallet with your Galxe ID.

Twitter integration

On Galxe, we have specially designed the task-based campaign module w/ Twitter integration. It can be used to power various Twitter based campaigns, which also requires users to link their Twitter accounts to Galxe ID.

To accomplish that, simply follow the 2 steps after you click “Verify Twitter Account” Button.

Discord integration

Some NFTs can only be claimed with a Discord entry, and here’s when linking your Discord comes in handy.

Click “Connect Discord Account” and it will open up another Discord application tab. On the new tab, click on “Authorise”, and your Discord is now connected.

Github integration

Some NFTs can only be claimed with a Github entry. To link with Github, you can click on “Verify Github Account”, and follow the steps to create a unlisted Gist and verify with Galxe.

Integrate Galxe ID SDK with Your Application

To learn more about how you can integrate Galxe ID in your own app, visit this article.

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