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Custom Credentials: Using a Quiz on Galxe | Help Center – Galxe

How can Galxe (GAL)

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Table of contents
Custom Credentials: Using a Quiz on Galxe
Custom Credentials: Using a Quiz on Galxe

Transform your audience’s experience with the Quiz Credential! Create captivating quizzes that drive campaign interaction.

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Table of contents

With the Quiz Credential, you can create engaging and informative quizzes to captivate your audience and drive campaign interaction.

With this credential, you can create engaging quizzes with up to 20 multiple-choice and short-answer questions, allowing you to gauge your audience’s knowledge across various topics.

Get ready to embark on a Learn & Earn adventure like never before!

Key Features of the Quiz Credential

Multiple Choice and Short Answer: Craft quizzes with 20 multiple-choice and short-answer questions give you the flexibility to assess your users’ knowledge. You can provide up to 10 possible answers for each question, and there’s no limit to the length of your questions.

“Exactly Match” Option: Utilize the “Exactly Match” toggle to ensure that users’ short answers precisely match the correct answers you’ve defined. For instance, if you ask, “What projects were involved in Galxe’s 2022 Holiday Campaign?” and toggle on “Exactly Match,” users must respond with “Galxe and Space ID” to be considered correct. Turning off this option allows for alternative answers like “Galxe” to be accepted.

User Experience: The Quiz Credential seamlessly integrates into your Galxe campaign page, presenting one question at a time on the screen. After submitting their answers, users can review their overall score and see which questions they answered correctly.

Retry and Feedback: If users don’t achieve a passing score, they can retry the quiz. Allowing users to attempt the quiz until they pass encourages further engagement and knowledge retention. It’s worth noting that specific answers remain hidden to maintain the integrity of the quiz.

Creating Your Quiz Credential: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you’re excited about the Quiz Credential’s potential let’s dive into the step-by-step process of creating an interactive quiz.

Getting Started: How to Create a Quiz on Galxe

Let’s begin your journey with Survey Credentials. Follow these straightforward steps:

Access the Credential Creation Entrance Page at Galxe My Credentials.
Look for the “Create” button at the top-right corner of the page and click on it.
Select “Quiz” as your credential type.

For reference, this is what the Quiz credential looks like from the ‘My Credential‘ page 👇

When creating your quiz from Galxe’s dashboard, you’ll get redirected to a page like this 👇

ℹ️ Note: There are two ways to create credentials!

Directly from the campaign creation page, on the third step where you add credentials.

Directly from the ‘My Credential’ page located via the dropdown menu on the top-right of your screen. (Galxe profile menu)

Customizing Your Quiz Credential

On this page you craft your Quiz Credential by providing essential information (Title, Description, Questions).

Once everything gets filled out, the “Create” button will turn blue.

Managing Your Quiz Questions

Now, it’s time to add the heart of your quiz— the questions.

You can mix and match multiple-choice and short-answer questions according to your preferences.

For Multiple Choice Questions

Click the right bar of a question to switch to the “Multiple Choice” question type.

Click the question title to input the question content. Ensure you fill this in; otherwise, the “Create” button will be grayed out and disabled.

Add more answer options by clicking on “Add Option.”
To designate the correct answer, check the right checkbox next to it.
If you need to remove an answer option, click the “x” mark to delete it.

⭐️ Tip: You can add up to 10 options for multiple-choice questions.

For Short Answer Questions

Click the right bar of a question to switch to the “Short Answer” question type.
Enter the question title.
Fill this field with multiple-choice questions to keep the “Create” button active.
You can toggle the “Exactly Match” option on or off:
On: Exactly Match. The answer provided must be the same as the answer you input.
Off: Contains. The answer needs to contain the answer you input.

Add the correct answer in the input field provided. The input field has a placeholder saying, “Please input the CORRECT answer.”

Leaving it blank will gray out the “Create” button.

ℹ️ Note: Double-check the ‘Correct Answers’ for spelling errors.

Customizing Your Quiz on Galxe

You can add as many questions as you like by clicking the “+Add” button. By default, the new questions will be multiple-choice, but you can easily switch them to short-answer questions using the above mentioned steps.

If you change your mind about a question or decide to remove one, click on the question you’d like to delete and then click on the “delete icon” (see below).

You can also rearrange the order of questions by dragging and dropping them.

ℹ️ Note: You can have a maximum of 20 questions for a credential.

The “+Add” button will no longer appear if you exceed this limit.

Enjoy Creating Quizzes on Galxe!

Now that your quiz is ready, you can use it on a Campaign so users can answer your questions and test their knowledge.

You can find details about the title, description, ID Type, and Credential Type on the Credential Detailed Page.

After following these simple steps, you can create interactive and engaging quizzes using Galxe’s Quiz Credential. 🧑‍🏫

Start today and let the knowledge-sharing and interactive campaigns begin!

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