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Galxe Space Tier Program: Complete Space Tasks and Get Rewards! | Help Center – Galxe

How do Galxe (GAL)

Galxe’s Space tier program rewards users who create & actively manage a Space on Galxe.

The Space Tier program runs in seasons; as a seasonal mechanism, the program’s benefits get adjusted over time, and each season sets a new tone for your community! 👇

You can earn points by completing tasks, such as campaigns and social media mentions— which also grows a Space on Galxe!

The program offers recognition and rewards, including gas credits and beta feature access.

Find Tasks for your Space in the Rewards Hub on your Dashboard.

Benefits of the Space Tier Program

Join Galxe’s Space Tier Program and discover a universe of rewards!

Each level unlocks even more amazing benefits that elevate your experience on Galxe.

Complete tasks and earn points to progress and unlock rewards.

Benefits Table

This table explains the Tier (Level), Point threshold and Entitlements per tier.

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