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Galxe Features & Products

Everything you need to know when navigating Galxe. No matter who you are!

By Zeno and 1 other 2 authors

Campaigns & Tasks 🛸

Learn everything you need to know about Campaigns and Spaces on Galxe.

Campaigns on Galxe 🗺️ Everything you need to know about campaigns on Galxe! 3 articles

Galxe ID 🪪

Learn about how your identity is reflected across the Galxe.

Introducing Galxe ID: The Universal Blockchain Username for Credentials and Achievements A universal username for the blockchain world. Show off your credentials and achievements, and connect with Galxe’s partner network.

Galxe ID V2: Support for Multiple EVM Addresses Ever needed more than one EVM address for Galxe? Introducing Galxe ID V2 and support for multiple addresses!

Use Social Login on Galxe: Login With Discord, Twitter/X or Email! Don’t have a wallet? no worries! Galxe now supports social login. Use your email or social media accounts to sign up or login to Galxe.

How to Connect & Unbind Your Social Media Accounts Learn how to unbind your social media accounts (Discord, Twitter, GitHub, and email) from Galxe ID with these simple steps.

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