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Galxe x Tokyo Beast: A Partnership of Web3 Gaming and Defi | by Galxe | Medium

Galxe x Tokyo Beast: A Partnership of Web3 Gaming and Defi

Over the past few years, the gaming industry has evolved thanks to the integration of blockchain technology and the principles of Web3. This shift empowers players like never before, granting them true ownership of in-game assets and fostering interconnected communities that transcend boundaries. Galxe is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Tokyo Beast, a rising star in Japanese gaming set to redefine how ownership of in-game assets can transcend the metaverse.

“Galxe is excited to partner with Tokyo Beast to help them achieve global growth through our Loyalty Points System and NFT Mystery Box Functionality. We are eager to engage with the Japanese community through gamification, connecting on levels that transcend language and culture, all thanks to the uniting power of Web3.”

— Charles Wayn, Co-Founder of Galxe

TOKYO BEAST: A Gaming Revolution

Tokyo Beast’s groundbreaking project, TOKYO BEAST, is at the heart, an immersive crypto entertainment venture that ingeniously merges cryptocurrency with gaming. Spearheaded by a seasoned team of visionaries, TOKYO BEAST introduces an unparalleled experience that weaves captivating narratives, enchanting characters, and exhilarating battles into its gameplay. This unique venture caters to Web3 enthusiasts and traditional gamers, promising an adventure that knows no bounds.

Unlike conventional gaming paradigms, where ownership remains confined within the digital walls of a game, Web3 gaming liberates players by enabling them to trade, sell, and utilize their digital assets across diverse platforms. TOKYO BEAST embraces this philosophy by crafting NFT collections that transcend the virtual realm, making characters and items tangible and collectible beyond the game itself.

One of the most innovative aspects of TOKYO BEAST is its seamless integration of the game universe with the NFT PROXY MODEL. Fusing in-game experiences with crypto engagement creates a dynamic synergy that elevates player interaction to new heights. Among its standout features is a novel betting mechanism that employs cryptocurrency. Players can predict battle outcomes and relish in the excitement of live-streamed battles on a global scale. This ingenious approach enhances the gaming experience and serves as a testament to the multifaceted nature of TOKYO BEAST.

The project goes even further by introducing interconnected module projects that enrich the TOKYO BEAST universe while enhancing the utility of TBZ, the native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem. This comprehensive approach to crypto entertainment demonstrates a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible within gaming.

Tokyo Beast’s Early Entry Campaign On Galxe

Join the Tokyo Beast Community now and take advantage of the Early Entry Campaign! Until October 31, 2023, or while supplies last, completing missions on Galxe earns you an Allow List (AL) for a TB Mystery Box, guaranteed Silver Tier or higher. Accumulate Loyalty Points as you complete missions to unlock more tasks. The TB Mystery Box has four rarities: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, each with unique rewards. Reach point milestones of 1500 and 3000 during the campaign for bonus campaigns and guaranteed Silver-tier or higher TB Mystery Box ALs.

This is what Naoki Motohashi, Producer of TOKYO BEAST, had to say about running this Loyalty Points Campaign on Galxe:

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Galxe, one of the world’s largest loyalty platforms. Through our joint marketing efforts with Galxe, we aim to create an environment where more people can enjoy TOKYO BEAST.”

Join the Tokyo Beast Community and seize early adoption with this one-of-a-kind campaign!

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