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Galxe DAO

Understanding the governance of Galxe DAO and how you can be part of it.

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Galxe DAO is managed by GAL holders. GAL holders have the ability to control the amount of the protocol fee collected by the protocol, and control funds held by the Galxe Community Treasury. All proposals need to go through a three-step process described below. In order for a proposal to pass, it must have over 50% passing votes with endorsement from wallet addresses holding at least 2,000,000 GAL, with delegation allowed. When a proposal is passed, the changes will be implemented by Galxe’s operation team and signed by the multi-sig, if necessary.

All proposals need to go through the following process:

Phase 1: Proposal Temperature Check – Forum

The purpose of the Temperature Check is to determine if there is sufficient will to make changes to the status quo. To create a Temperature Check for your Proposal, follow the Proposal Template and post on the DAO Governance category on Galxe DAO Forum.

Proposal Template:

  • Abstract
  • Motivation
  • Specification
    • Overview
    • Scope
    • Success Criteria
    • Timeline/Budget
    • References

    The temperature check must be held for a period of at least 5 days. If feedback is sufficient, the proposal can move to Phase 2.

    Phase 2: Vote — Snapshot

    Once your proposal has passed the temperature check, you can work with the operation team to schedule a snapshot vote. The snapshot vote will last for 5 days. In order for a proposal to pass, the GP must have:

    Over 50% passing votes Endorsement from wallet addresses holding at least 2,000,000 GAL If the proposal is asking for funds less than $50,000 or does not implement significant change to the token/contract, the quorum for the vote is 200,000 GAL Delegation is allowed through this 41 link.

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