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Adjusting Your Space: Owners & Admins | Help Center – Galxe

Management Galxe (GAL)

A Galxe Space is an excellent way to showcase your project and engage your community.

Your Space profile must always be up-to-date for the best campaign results and engagement.

Make sure the most recent information is attached to your Space. And maintain consistency with your other social profiles.

🔭 Campaign Tip: Updated Spaces receive the best results because users can follow their tasks easier and satisfy their credentials.

Reviewing the Details of Your Galxe Space

On Galxe, you take control of your Space in a self-serve manner with your dashboard!

You can get to your Space by the dropdown menu at the top of Galxe or by clicking ‘Manage‘ on your Space page.

Once you’re on the dashboard you will have some tabs on your left.

Editing your Space is easy with your Settings Tab ⚙️

You should see the page below if you’re logged into Galxe and have the correct permissions to access the dashboard of a Space.

Your Dashboard Explained

Your Space on Galxe has a few features you should explore or be aware of.

We’ve already separated the essential features into tabs.

📊 Overview: Check out your Space stats!
🚀 Campaigns: Set up and view your campaigns in one place.
📝 Mintlists: Review or set up mintlists.
🏇 Leadboard: Measure your top community members.
🎁 Rewards Hub: Track your Tier Status and perks!
⛽️ Gas Station: Top up your Gas Station and save users fees.
🖼️ NFT Contracts: Create or Manage NFTs on Galxe.
⚙️ Settings: Edit or adjust your Space with ease.

You’ll find all the options available to your Space on the left side of your dashboard.

These tabs let you quickly flip through your best tools on Galxe! 🧰

Review this graphic to learn more about your Space and how to manage it. 👇

⭐️ Tip: Make sure you are using the right wallet!

To manage a space you’ll need Admin or Owner permissions.

How to Update or Edit Your Space on Galxe

After creating a Space, you can check all the information under “My Spaces.”

Updating the information attached to your Space is simple.

A Space is similar to a profile on Galxe!

Fill out a name, description (introduction), add a logo, attach your social handles, pick a URL for your Space and more!👇

⭐️ Tip: Use a memorable or easy-to-share URL for your Space!

Adding & Removing Admins

With a Galxe Space, you don’t have to rely entirely on an Owner of the Space— you can assign other wallet addresses as Admins.

Admins added to a space allow others to manage the Space!

The primary Owner can assign admin roles to additional wallet addresses for your team to work together seamlessly.

ℹ️ Note: Only EVM addresses can be an Owner or Admin of a Space on Galxe.


Only EVM addresses can currently create a Space DO NOT apply for a Space with a different type of blockchain address. (Networks Galxe Supports)

Who is the Owner of my Space?

An Owner of a Space is the original wallet address that applied for the Space.

Click on “Add New Member” to grant access to additional wallets.

Click on “Remove” to revoke access from wallets.

⚠️ Important: Admins are granted the same level of control as an Owner.

Owner & Admin Settings

When you are responsible for a Space on Galxe, there are a few things you need to know.

With a Space, you should consider that an Admin will inherit the power of an Owner.

Owners & their Admins have access to the following settings:

Create/Manage Campaigns
Create/Manage Credentials
Access Space’s Data Dashboard

ℹ️ Note: There are certain restrictions for Spaces

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