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2023–A Galxe Year In Review. A Thriving Web3 Community | by Galxe | Jan, 2024 | Medium

A Thriving Web3 Community

In 2023, Galxe witnessed remarkable growth, welcoming an impressive community of 14 million unique users and supporting a staggering 4,200 projects in constructing vibrant web3 communities on our platform. This year, we reached 1 Million users on X, which propelled us to embrace a global identity and extend our social media footprint to include Japan, Vietnam, and Turkey. This expansion caters to North America and positions Galxe as a global web3 brand.

Not only did our community grow, but the Galxe Team also grew! We currently have 70+ team members spread across 10+ countries! WOW!

Speaking of family…. this year, Galxe’s Discord community, home to nearly 600k Astronauts, was a lively space for collaboration and knowledge sharing. This was largely attributed to the introduction of the Galxe Contributor Program! This program played a vital role in shaping the future of Galxe as the Contributors looked for ways to improve the platform and shared their web3 knowledge and expertise. A big round of applause to the true ambassadors of Galxe!

Permissionless Space Creation

Due to Galxe’s massive growth, we updated the dashboard and ushered in a new update — Permissionless Space Creation. A world where the power to build your very own digital community is now just a few clicks away, with no approvals and no bureaucracy! This groundbreaking update allows anyone, from small projects to influencers, to create their Spaces within the Galxe platform easily. This is web3 community building reimagined. Fill out the application and get started!


In case you missed any of our major product announcements in 2023, here’s a handy dandy recap to catch you up!

Galxe App

Finally, our commitment to decentralization took a giant leap forward in 2023 with the realization of Galxe Protocol. We turned our vision into reality, putting the power of decentralized identity into your hands! Galxe Protocol was created to empower users with self-sovereign identity for secure and private ownership, management, and sharing of verifiable credentials. It aims to improve what Galxe currently offers and separates the functionality into individual and interdependent pieces.

Mission Web3

Web3 can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming place to navigate — especially for newcomers. This is why Galxe introduced Mission Web3!

This learn-to-earn program provides a beginner-friendly, hands-on experience to help native and non-native users understand web3 in deeper and more meaningful ways. We’ve rolled out 8 Modules thus far, each offering an exclusive NFT for those who dive into the content, complete the course, and conquer the quiz. Don’t miss out on the chance to level up your knowledge and your NFT collection!

Case Studies

In the past year, Galxe teamed up with top-tier web3 companies, and now, you get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the mechanics of a Galxe campaign.

Are you curious about how your favorite campaigns came to be? Keep reading to find out!

Trader Joe: Community Growth

Who doesn’t love governance voting? It is, after all, the foundation for web3’s decentralization.

In 2023 Trader Joe approached Galxe with a DOA-related challenge — they wanted to effectively grow their community and engage their users through governance voting. Galxe proposed using Galxe’s Snapshot Credential; that way, Trader Joe’s could reward and incentivize community members, which helped create a sense of urgency and ownership. This credential also enabled Trader Joe’s to provide unique opportunities, access to exclusive governance opportunities, and participation in special events.

In three months, Trader Joe’s Snapshot community grew from a few thousand members to an impressive 14,000. The engagement levels soared, with users actively participating in governance proposals and taking part in exclusive events.

Linea Voyage: Testnet Growth

Fans of testnet quests, buckle up. This past year, Galxe teamed up with Linea to create Linea Voyage — a public testnet quest that welcomed all web3 enthusiasts and builders on Galxe. Galxe’s community power helped Linea to leverage over 11 ecosystem partners for this campaign and present a series of tasks with specific themes over five weeks to allow participants to get a first-hand experience of the Linea network.

With Galxe’s community as the bedrock, we kick-started Linea’s ecosystem with community and protocol growth. Specifically, 50 apps joined the Linea Voyage, over 5.6M unique wallets participated, 50M testnet transactions were submitted on Goerli, and 800K wallets claimed Sybil-prevention credentials during the campaign.

Optimism Quests: Ecosystem Growth

Last but certainly not least…Optimism reached out to Galxe this year in search of a new way to introduce their ecosystem to a larger audience and better connect with their community. Thus, Optimism Quests was born. Galxe has powered numerous ecosystem campaigns for Ethereum-based platforms, including the DeFi 101 NFT Campaign in collaboration with CoinGecko and the Arbitrum Odyssey, so this challenge was something we had tackled before.

The results of this campaign were astronomical! The retention rate achieved post-campaign was, perhaps, even more impressive than the millions of mints. Comparing the 30-day pre-quest and post-quest data, Dune reported that the Optimism Quests brought almost a 50% increase in all Optimism usage, and the number of unique wallet addresses making transactions per day doubled from 11.65k to 25.13k.

Token Launches

In 2023, several web3 projects, notably Manta, Altlayer, XAI, and Zetachain leveraged Galxe credentials to launch their tokens. This marked a significant development for Galxe, showcasing the adoption of Galxe credentials as a means to initiate token launches within the web3 ecosystem.

In 2023, Galxe navigated web3 with groundbreaking features, strategic partnerships, and impactful case studies. As we embark on another year, we’re excited to continue shaping the future of community building. Here’s to a bullish 2024!

About Galxe

Galxe is the leading platform for building web3 community. With over 15 million unique users to date, Galxe has propelled the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more than 4000 partners with reward-based loyalty programs. Start your campaign today at galxe.com!

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