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Early Adopter Rewards 2022 – Galxe Docs

Early Adopter Rewards 2022

Since our launch in May 2021, the community has been crucial to the growth of Galxe’s ecosystem. From curating credentials, collecting credentials, participating in campaigns, compiling tutorials, building third-party tools, helping out in Discord, the list goes on. We are grateful for our partners and the amazing campaigns they bring to life on our platform, however, we know that without our strong and dedicated community all of our success couldn’t be possible. Words can’t describe how much we appreciate and respect our community, so we wanted to thank you the best way we knew how: GAL Token Airdrop to reward our early adopters. Read more below to learn about the reward distribution details, the official airdrop date will be announced at a later time.

Galxe NFT Holder Reward Distribution Details

The reward distribution system works in accordance with the NFTs a Galxe community member holds. Holders of the Galxe NFTs listed below are eligible for the GAL Early Adopters Reward. If you hold multiple NFTs from the same category in one account, the NFT will only count once. The snapshot has been taken on April 28th 1am PST, check the snapshot details here. Airdrop claiming starts from May 5th, 2022 at 5am PST.

Here is the reward breakdown:

Reward Boost for Early Meta Cowboy NFT Holders

Additionally, if you were a holder of the Meta Cowboy NFT on Feb 10th, you will receive a reward boost for the Galxe Girl NFT reward based on the highest level of Meta Cowboy NFT in your wallet on Feb 10th.


Users in the tables above will be eligible to claim the airdrop (~3.65 million GAL — 1.83% of total supply) around TGE.

GAL Airdrop for Ecosystem Contributors

The remaining GAL from the Early Adopters Reward allocation will reward to long term contributors in the Galxe ecosystem:

  • A total of 63,100 GAL tokens will be distributed to community members who have Galxe Brains and Galxe Pathfinders roles in our Discord
  • A total of 5,000 GAL will reward to Steven Lei, a long-time Galxe contributor and Galxe Brain, who created the Galxe Explorer which helped so many astronauts explore Web3 through Galxe’s campaigns.
  • A total of 200,000 GAL will reward to Pisces NFT holders in the Space Expedition Program.
  • Additionally, a total of 79,000 GAL tokens will be airdropped directly to 100 partners who have been growing along with Galxe.

Due to legal restrictions, users from the U.S., Canada, China, Iran, Korea(North), Syrian Arab Republic, Cuba will NOT be able to claim the airdrop.

How to Claim

  • Visit galxe.com, connect your wallet
  • Click on the “Claim” button on the top right corner airdrop1
  • You can see how many $GAL tokens available for you to claim. Claiming starts from May 5th, 2022 5am PST airdrop2

So what will I get in total?

  • Alice has been on Galxe since August 2021. By Feb 10th, Alice had the Shadowy Coder NFT, the Galxe Girl NFT, and the Meta Cowboy lv1 and lv2. By the time of snapshot before TGE, Alice managed to mint the Meta Cowboy lv3 and kept all of the NFTs she acquired before. # of GAL token for Alice will be:
    Shadowy Coder + (Galxe Girl Reindeer NFT x Meta Cowboy lv2 Boost) + Meta Cowboy lv1 + Meta Cowboy lv2 + Meta Cowboy lv3
    100 + (250 * 1.3) + 30 + 60 = 535
  • Tom joined the community in mid-January. By Feb 10th, Tom has the Meta Cowboy lv1. By the time of the snapshot before TGE, tom managed to mint Meta Cowboy lv2, lv3 & lv4, and bought Galxe Girl Reindeer NFT through Opensea. # of GAL for Tom will be:
    (Galxe Girl Reindeer NFT x Meta Cowboy lv1 Boost) + Meta Cowboy lv1 + Meta Cowboy lv2 + Meta Cowboy lv3 + Meta Cowboy lv4
    250 * 1.2 + 20 + 30 + 60 + 180 = 590
  • Lucy heard about Galxe from the Solana campaign. She acquired Dr. Sol, and Meta Cowboy lv1, lv2 before the snapshot. # of GAL for Lucy will be:
    Dr. Sol + Meta Cowboy lv1 + Meta Cowboy lv2
    30 + 20 + 30 = 80

I bought NFTs from OpenSea, will I be eligible for the reward?

Yes. As long as you have the NFT at the time of the snapshot, you will be eligible to receive a reward regardless of whether the NFTs were claimed directly from the campaigns, purchased, or otherwise acquired.

Why are there restrictions for users from certain regions to claim the NFT?

Galxe is focused on solidifying ourselves long-term in the space, we are doing our best to be legally compliant since day 1. Because of this, users with IPs in the restricted regions will not be able to claim the airdrop tokens through the Galxe website.

When will the snapshot for NFT holders take place?

The snapshot has been taken on April 28th 1am PST. Check the snapshot details here. The TGE time is set to be May 5th, 2022 at 5am PST.

Will GAL airdrop be subject to any lockups?

When eligible users get GAL airdrop around TGE, these tokens will be fully liquid.

How will I receive GAL airdrop on Ethereum mainnet when I am a holder of Dr. Sol NFT on Solana?

GAL is an ERC-20 token. You will need to bind your eligible Solana address with an Ethereum address on Galxe website in order to be able to claim the airdrop.

If I have multiple Galxe Girl and Reindeer NFTs, will I get multiple rewards?

No. If you hold multiple NFTs from the same category in one account, the NFT will only count once. This applies to all NFTs in the reward table.

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