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Forbes Dives Into Web3: A Series Of Gamified Campaigns With Galxe

Forbes Dives Into Web3: A Series Of Gamified Campaigns With Galxe

Forbes Dives Into Web3 – A Series of Gamified Campaigns with Web3-native Community Platform, Galxe.

Diving into Web3 even further and debuting its new @ForbesWeb3 X channel, Forbes is embracing the power of Web3 gaming to build an engaging community through a series of quests exclusively on Galxe, starting on December 4.

In partnership with Galxe, a platform for building web3 communities, Forbes’ launch represents a blend of interactive digital experience and the robust capabilities of Web3. The partnership follows a series of initiatives Forbes has launched in the space, including a 1:1 digital cover on Nifty Gateway in 2021, a virtual party for members only on Sandbox in 2022 and a Forbes store at the 2023 Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week.

Participants in this campaign are invited to engage in a series of curated social tasks, each crafted to enhance user engagement while offering a glimpse into the practical applications of blockchain. As users progress through these tasks, they have a chance to score points and climb up in the leaderboard that not only tracks progress but also fosters community.

The campaign’s reward structure is carefully curated to provide tangible value to the participants. Top achievers in the program can look forward to exclusive rewards, such as complimentary Forbes subscriptions and premium Forbes-branded merchandise.

“We continuously strive to enhance the value we offer to our members– be it in the physical world, the Web2 space, or the emerging landscape of Web3,” said Taha Ahmed, Forbes’ Chief Growth Officer. “Our collaboration with Galxe is rooted in a shared vision of pushing the boundaries of traditional loyalty programs,” added Ahmed.

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