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Galxe OAT (On-chain Achievement Token) – Galxe Docs

Galxe OAT (On-chain Achievement Token)

Galxe OAT aims to be a light-weight solution for event organizers and community managers to utilize Galxe’s NFT infrastructure and on-chain credential data network to build and distribute NFT badge campaigns easily and reward their community members. To put it simple, Galxe OATs (on-chain achievement tokens) are a digital record of all your life’s achievements.

“We’re thrilled with the launch of Galxe OAT – if 2021 was the breakthrough year for NFTs as culture, 2022 is the year for NFTs as utilities. On-chain credentials are powerful signaling tools for communities – and to be truly accessible require driving the cost of creation, storage, and bandwidth to be negligible. The immutable linking of IPFS and verifiable storage of Filecoin are ideal choices to support the massive amounts of NFT data communities will generate and ensure their data is never lost.” – Jonathan Victor, Growth Lead for NFT.Storage

What Can You Do with Galxe OAT?

Imagine the concert tickets or NBA tickets you bought or any events you’ve been to, come with an NFT, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a credential to showcase for it…

  • Event organizers can create their dedicated pages on galxe.com, create events and credentials just by submitting the parameters and the design of the badge.
  • Users or event participants will be able to claim their NFTs just via their email with gas-less minting experience.
  • OAT is currently only available on Polygon in ERC-721, and will have native support with OpenSea and most of the wallet apps.
  • The metadata of all OAT NFTs will be stored on NFT.Storage powered by IPFS and Filecoin.

We foresee that Galxe OAT will not only be limited to Loyalty Programs for NFT, DeFi, Metaverse projects but also for real-world events and life experiences as well. In order to better prepare for future demands, we will continue to update OAT with the following features:

  1. Open API for Integration within other Web3 apps
  2. Claim badge by scanning QR codes
  3. Notifications for users when there are OATs available for you
  4. And more!

Start your Galxe OAT Experience

For event organizers, apply for beta access now – https://gal.xyz/dashboard-application

To learn more about how to create an OAT event from Galxe Dashboard, visit here

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