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Introducing Galxe 2.0 — Part 1: GAL Token Utility Update, Mobile App, Smart Balance, Web3 Score and More | by Point 2 Web3 | Dec, 2023 | Medium

Introducing Galxe 2.0 — Part 1: GAL Token Utility Update, Mobile App, Smart Balance, Web3 Score and More

According to statistics, Galxe has reached all targets in millions over the last two years: 1 million followers on X, 12 million unique wallet addresses, 100 million credentials issued. These numbers got us thinking: what’s the next step to bringing the next billion to Web3?

Introducing Galxe 2.0, the result of a year of dedication and innovation focused on enhancing user experience. This major update includes the Galxe Mobile App, Smart Balance, Web3 Score, Telegram & Discord Bot v2, and Galxe ID updates. Notably, the GAL token will be integrated into many of these features. In this series, we’ll detail improvements benefiting both our dedicated community and developers, emphasizing features tailored for community enrichment.

Galxe Mobile App
We are thrilled to unveil the focal point of Galxe 2.0 — Part 1: The Galxe Mobile App! This groundbreaking introduction ensures that you never miss a Galxe Campaign, whether you’re at the office or on the move. The app features an ultra-intuitive interface, seamlessly blending simplicity with functionality, and promises to open up a world of possibilities for users. Now, engage with Galxe effortlessly, wherever you are, as we bring the power of decentralized experiences to your fingertips.

The Galxe App allows you to join campaigns, search project spaces, manage your Galxe ID profile and much more. Use the app to discover new Web3 projects and ongoing campaigns, contribute to your favorite dApps, claim Discord roles, earn loyalty points, claim NFT & OAT rewards, and stay up to date with what’s happening in the Galxe community.

The Galxe app is your pocket portal to new opportunities on Web3!

The Galxe App will be available on Testflight in early Q4 2023.

While the Galxe App is in the spotlight, our innovation doesn’t stop there. Read on to discover four other exceptional features and how they can elevate your Galxe experience!

Smart Balance Galxe

Although mobile wallets are becoming easier to use, we understand that it is still a hassle to switch between blockchains and pay gas fees just to claim the rewards. Therefore, we are launching the Smart Balance feature to ensure your mobile and desktop experience is as smooth as possible!

Introducing Galxe’s innovative Smart Balance feature — an all-in-one rewards experience. You can now deposit stablecoins and GAL tokens on the Galxe platform. Deposited tokens will be transferred to credits in your Galxe Smart Balance, which you can use to pay gas fees in any token when creating on one of the 26 blockchains we have integrated. Say goodbye to the hassle of exchanging tokens between different blockchains!

You can also use this credit to purchase a Galxe Passport, a Galxe Web3 Score, claim token rewards, and access future Galxe 2.0 features, including Galxe Premium features. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also safer to deposit in a single transaction than paying directly from your online wallet each time. This revolutionary advancement empowers our community with greater flexibility and hassle-free transactions.

With the introduction of Smart Balance, the GAL token has become a primary payment option on the Galxe platform for all resources.

Smart Balance Galxe will be available to everyone at the end of September 2023.

Web3 Galxe Score

Have you ever been curious about your Web3 status? Well, the Galxe Web3 Score can tell you that and much more. It’s Web3’s FICO.

The Galxe Web3 Score covers five vital aspects:

Experience — This reflects the age and history of your wallet and Galxe ID.
Fame — This reflects your social impact. The more social impact you have on your social media accounts, the higher level of Fame you will achieve.
Expertise — This reflects your interests and activities on Galxe. Participate in more campaigns to improve this score.
Asset — This reflects your on-chain assets. Hold high-quality NFTs and own valuable tokens to improve this score.
Humanity — This reflects the probability that you are human. Stay active on-chain, prove your social impact, showcase your wealth, and pass facial recognition to improve that score. Trusta will be the data provider for calculating this score, to ensure accuracy and reliability. If an address’s Trusta score is greater than 80, the address will be flagged.

As you can see, the Galxe Web3 Score represents a unique assessment of your Web3 journey, crediting you for social media engagement, on-chain actions, and portfolio management. The Galxe Web3 Score is not only your digital reputation, but it is also a unique Soulbound NFT that dynamically displays your identity on Web3.

Stay tuned for future collaborations with various Web3 communities as we create unique experiences related to your Galxe Web3 Score!

The Web3 Galxe Score is available now. Create yours today!

Telegram & Discord Bot V2

The first version of the Galxe bot on Telegram and Discord was created primarily for community managers to verify credentials in Galxe campaigns. We are now introducing it to all Galxe users. Interacting with the Galxe community is easier than ever with the Discord and Telegram bots v2 update . Community members who follow Spaces on Galxe will now receive private notifications on Discord and Telegram when these Spaces start new Campaigns.

Discord & Telegram Bot V2 includes:

Notifications of new Campaigns from the Spaces you follow.
Daily Popular Campaign Notifications.
More native Galxe integrations coming soon!

Galxe ID V2 Now Supports Social Login and Multiple Addresses

For those who have multiple blockchain domains and wallet addresses, you can link them all to a single Galxe ID!

In addition to supporting multiple wallet linking, Galxe will now support the option to log in with social accounts only. You don’t need a wallet to participate in campaigns that don’t require on-chain actions!

The Galxe ID V2 will be available on Galxe.com in late September 2023.

What Galxe 2.0 Means to You

The Galxe Mobile App, along with the features discussed in this blog, are designed to provide a seamless and effortless experience for our diverse community of Astronauts.

As one of the leading platforms for building Web3 communities, Galxe has powered the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum and more than 3,300 partners with rewards-based loyalty programs.

In addition to its role as a loyalty program solution for Web3 brands, Galxe has also emerged as the largest digital identity provider on Web3, boasting over 450,000 verified Galxe Passport holders and issuing millions of credentials.

Over the past two years, Galxe has issued 66.62 million Galxe OATs (Onchain Achievement Tokens) and NFT loyalty badges to over 5.5 million unique addresses across 26 blockchains. Now, we are more than ready for the next step.

Keep an eye out for Galxe 2.0 — Part 2, where we’ll explore features designed to help Web3 projects on Galxe fuel community growth!

About Galxe
Galxe is the leading platform for building Web3 communities. With over 12 million unique users to date, Galxe has powered the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum and over 3,300 partners with rewards-based loyalty programs.

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