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Introducing Galxe Passport: Your Universal Web3 Identity | Help Center – Galxe

How to make Galxe (GAL)

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Introducing Galxe Passport: Your Universal Web3 Identity
Introducing Galxe Passport: Your Universal Web3 Identity

Learn everything you need to know about Galxe Passport, from what it is to how it keeps your data safe and private.

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Table of contents

Are you ready to embark on your Web3 adventures? Meet Galxe Passport, your universal passport for the exciting world of Web3.

It’s your secure and anonymous repository for identity information, designed to make your digital life more convenient and safe.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Galxe Passport! 🎭

What is a Galxe Passport?

Galxe Passport is your key to a seamless Web3 experience. It securely stores your identity information and allows you to use it across various applications for compliance purposes.

But what makes it truly unique is the Galxe Passport Soulbound Token you’ll receive in your wallet, marking you as a verified individual and helping our partners prevent Sybil attacks.

ℹ️ Note: Soulbound tokens cannot get transferred!

However, you can revoke your passport if your wallet is compromised.

Your Data, Your Control

At the core of Galxe Passport is a commitment to putting you in charge of your personal information.

Your data is never stored in plain text and can’t be accessed by anyone, including Galxe, without your explicit permission. You decide when and how your data is shared, providing privacy and control.

Advantages of a Galxe Passport

Security: Your data is encrypted with your password and stored securely, ensuring your information remains protected.

Privacy Control: You have complete control over who can access your data and can grant or revoke access as needed.

Convenience: A single verification process allows you to use your Galxe Passport across various Web3 applications, saving you from repetitive checks.

Data Ownership: Your data belongs to you and you alone. Galxe does not have access to your personal information.

Sybil Attack Prevention: The Galxe Passport Soulbound Token helps prevent Sybil attacks, ensuring a more secure Web3 environment.

Anonymity: Neither Galxe nor Persona can link your wallet address to your identity information, preserving your anonymity.

These benefits make Galxe Passport a secure, convenient, and privacy-centric solution for your digital identity needs.

How It Works

The process of minting a Galxe Passport is a quick 👇

Make sure to have a government issued identification document on hand, a good camera that can take clear pictures.

The first part is uploading a picture of one of your identity documents for Persona to process.

You’ll get three options to choose from when verifying your Identity and minting a Galxe Passport!

Drivers License
State Identification
International Passport

Let’s break down the process of how Galxe Passport operates:

1. Persona Identity Verification: When asked for your identity information on galxe.com, a unique identifier (UUID) is generated and sent to Persona, a third-party vendor responsible for identity verification. This UUID is temporary and gets deleted once the verification process is complete.

2. Constructing Galxe Passport With the approved inquiry from Persona, you’ll get guided to create your Galxe Passport, which involves a few steps, including signing the data, encrypting it with your chosen strong password, and passing it back to Galxe for secure storage.

3. Minting Galxe Passport Soulbound Token Once your Galxe Passport is safely stored, you can mint the Galxe Passport Soulbound Token (SBT). This unique NFT certifies your verification status through Galxe, serving as a proof-of-human mechanism for Sybil attack prevention.

Wait: A verification fee of 0.03 BNB is required to process your ID.

After payment, you will get the ability to mint a Galxe Passport.

Using Galxe Passport in Campaigns

Galxe Passport is a Sybil prevention credential that requires users to create and verify their Galxe Passport account. It involves a verification process where users provide the necessary information and undergo identity verification. Galxe Passport enhances the authenticity and trustworthiness of participants, ensuring they are genuine users and not bots or fake accounts.

You can use this type of credential in your campaigns. See an example here.

Galxe Passport FAQs

Here are some common questions about Galxe Passport:

Q: How is my identity information stored? A: Your identity information is encrypted with your password. Galxe never stores it in plain text and cannot access it.

Q: Who can access my identity information? A: Only you can decrypt your data with your password. No one, including Galxe, can access your data without your permission.

Q: How can I use my Galxe Passport? A: Partners integrating Galxe ID SDK may ask for your identity information for compliance. By granting them access, you save time on additional verifications.

Q: What if I participate in a campaign on Galxe? A: These campaigns only look at your Galxe Passport NFT, not your identity information, ensuring your privacy.

Q: What if I lose my Galxe Passport password? A: If you lose your password, you can still use your Galxe Passport as a proof-of-human NFT, but you won’t be able to decrypt personal data. So, while you can still use your Galxe Passport as a proof-of-human NFT (a way to demonstrate your verified status), you won’t be able to see the actual personal data stored within it, as you’ve lost the means to decrypt it.

Q: What’s Persona’s role? A: Persona helps verify your ID but doesn’t have the mapping between your identity and wallet address.

Q: Will I remain anonymous after minting a Galxe Passport? A: Neither Galxe nor Persona links your wallet address to your identity information, ensuring anonymity.

Q: Is Galxe Passport mandatory to use Galxe? A: No, it’s not mandatory. It’s up to campaign creators to require Galxe Passport Holder credentials in their campaigns.

Q: What if government agencies request user information from Galxe? A: Galxe can never disclose your information without your permission, as it doesn’t store your data in plain text or have your decryption password.

Mint A Galxe Passport and Access the Metaverse and Beyond

With Galxe Passport, you have the keys to your digital identity, ensuring privacy and control in the Web3 universe.

Galxe Passport is your golden ticket to a Web3 journey that’s secure, hassle-free, and dedicated to preserving your privacy.

It’s your entry pass to a world where your digital identity is protected, your interactions get streamlined, and your personal information is kept confidential.

With Galxe Passport, you’re stepping into a realm that prioritizes your security, convenience, and privacy, ensuring your Web3 experience is exceptional.

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