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Hi! I am new to this, can someone explain to me how I can benefit from this? I connected my wallet and made some tasks, in return I got loyalty points! What is the purpose of this points? Can they be converted to actual tokens or they are just to qualify for airdrops?? Can someone share their experience with galxe and if they got significant profit?

Twitter error 1004

Hello, I’m somehow unable to connect my Twitter account.

Whenever I click on verify it gives me this error.
Failure Fail to get twitter user info by tweet url[Error: 1004:rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = Tweet hastags or mentions are incorrect, hashtags: [], mentions: []] (Trace-Id: a2034999-5e9f-406d-8a48-94559bc4d302)
Does anyone have any idea what may be the issue?

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