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The Chimp Exchange X Galxe Genesis Campaign LIVE | by Akshay | Chimp Ecosystem

The Chimp Exchange X Galxe Genesis Campaign LIVE

We are thrilled to announce that Chimp Exchange will be partnering with Galxe, a leading platform for Web3 community development.

The Chimp Exchange X Galxe Genesis Campaign details:

As part of this collaboration, we’re excited to present the Chimp Exchange Galxe Genesis Campaign. Here are the details:

  • Engage in simple tasks over the next 7 days to earn Chimp points.
  • You stand to win a total of 300 points by performing simple tasks
  • First 1000 wallets will win 1000 alpha testnet rolls.
  • 100 USDT to be won by 10 randomly selected users.

Shaping the Future of Web3 Communities

Together with Galxe, we’re paving the way for thriving Web3 communities built on trust and collaboration. Expect more updates as we seamlessly integrate Galxe’s technology into our platform.

Genesis X Galxe Campaign Details:

Launch date — 13 September

Campaign Start Time — 4:30 PM UTC

Total Points To Win — 300 Points

Reward 1–100 USDT to 10 Winners

Reward 2–1000 Alpha TestNet Roles

Here’s what you need to do to participate in the Chimp X Galxe Genesis Campaign:

Follow Us

  • Follow @ChimpExchange on Twitter to earn 1 Entry and 50 Points.

Engage on Twitter — Like & Quote Retweet

  • Like & Quote retweet our pinned Chimp Genesis Campaign tweet
  • Mention three friends, and earn 1 Entry and 50 Points.

Join Discord

  • Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/Aa9upSWSxh and get the Chimp Role (verified role) to qualify for 1 entry and 50 points.

Enter Email & Wallet Address

  • Go to https://chimp.exchange
  • Provide your email and wallet address on the designated page for 1 Entry and 50 Points.
  • The wallet address used here will be given Alpha Testnet Role if selected.

Be Active on Discord

  • Stay actively engaged within the Chimp Ecosystem Discord server for at least 7 days for 1 entry and 50 Points
  • Participate in discussions, send messages, react to posts, and assisting new users.

Follow Us on Galxe

  • Follow us on Chimp Exchange’s Galxe Space (ID — 28768) for 1 entry and 50 points.

Chimp Exchange | Galxe

Explore Chimp Exchange community space on Galxe. Collect NFTs, bounties and on-chain credentials from Chimp Exchange on…

About Galxe

Galxe stands as a hub for Web3 community growth, boasting over 11 million unique users and partnering with more than 2,700 projects. Their focus on digital credentials is reshaping the Web3’s landscape. Through Galxe’s innovative system, contributors are rewarded when credentials find utility in various applications and modules. This creates a dynamic cycle of growth and collaboration within the Web3 community.

About Chimp Exchange

Chimp DEX, the powerhouse behind decentralised trading and automated market making on the Linea blockchain. Our mission extends beyond traditional DeFi platforms; we’re here to transform your DeFi journey into a dynamic and rewarding experience, offering unique opportunities for users and projects alike.

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