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What Networks Does Galxe Support? | Help Center – Galxe

Login Galxe (GAL)

Just like other websites across the web, when you head to Galxe.com, to experience the full power, you get asked to log in.

Logging in to Galxe is straightforward and secure! (No passwords needed)

There are two ways to login to Galxe:

Social Login: Twitter, Discord, Email (SSO)
Wallet Login: EVM & non-EVM Wallets (SIWE)

When you navigate to Galxe, you will see a modal like this:

Before you can really experience Galxe, you need to connect an ‘EVM Compatible‘ wallet.

An EVM Compatible wallet means your wallet can interact with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

EVM wallets utilize a specific address format (0x) and any network that uses this method also inherits the same properties.

✋ Important: You must connect an EVM Compatible wallet to Galxe first.

Set a username to generate a GalxeID, without a GalxeID you cannot use Galxe properly.

To connect additional wallet types, head to your profile settings.

Connecting Your Wallet(s) to Galxe

If you’ve been to your profile settings, you may have noticed that Galxe supports a wide variety of digital wallets and connection typess. 📡

Galxe supports both EVM and non-EVM addresses, however you need to download other wallets and add them to Galxe for full address support.

A wallet is easy to access from your web browser when it’s an extension.

Here are a few options:

Wallet Connect
Coinbase Wallet
Trust Wallet

If a wallet is an app, you may need to use Wallet Connect to connect to Galxe or use the browser inside the wallet app.

With a wallet, you can hold, trade, and spend ETH/BNB, NFTs, and other digital assets.

With GalxeID V2, we added support for Multiple EVM Addresses, you may now also have more than one EVM address on Galxe.

A primary address (one) and secondary addresses (many).

ℹ️ Note: If an address starts with 0x, it’s an EVM Chain or EVM-Compatible address.

Galxe supports several EVM networks:

Networks that Galxe Supports

Here are the different networks that Galxe supports:

Polygon zkEVM
Root Network
Ethereum: Goerli, Sepolia
Scroll: Sepolia, Alpha
Mode: Sepolia

MetaMask is a popular choice for Ethereum. It works great and can be used across a broad number of EVM networks. (With Snaps, Metamask expands to other networks)

For example, you can use all the networks in the table above under the EVM section with Metamask or EVM Compatible wallets.

⭐️ Tip: Ethereum is the main network of the EVM. (Layer one)

Other compatible networks ‘Layer Two’ or ‘Side Chains’ are Arbitrum, Mantle, Optimism, Polygon and many others that inherit some of Ethereum’s properties.

Changing Your Network RPC

Sometimes you may encounter errors with networks, the connection is slow or transactions/signatures don’t seem to load in your wallet.

To remedy this, you can review chainlist.org for different RPC’s that you may use to connect to a network.

Chainlist is also great for reviewing the current status of an RPC when latency (responsiveness) is an issue.

Chainlist does a great job of displaying the current status of an RPC and may help you understand why a connection may be slow or why transactions are not working on a specific network.

⚠️ Wait: Galxe does not endorse Chainlist or changing your RPC from the publicly available and preferred connection.

When you adjust your RPC pay careful attention to the details.

DO NOT adjust your RPC when you are unsure or unaware of the changes.

It is not recommended to adjust network settings without fully understanding the ramifications.

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